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Do You Qualify?

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Age 65
  • Independent with minimal support

The Evergreens Foundation Admission Process
Lodge admission is determined in accordance with the Alberta Housing Act & Regulations and The Evergreens Foundation eligibility criteria as approved by its Board of Directors.

Lodge applicants must meet citizenship, residency, age, health, financial and functional independence requirements.

Resident selection is based on the needs and rating criteria as established by Alberta Seniors Priority Rating System. Applicants with the greatest need and who are able to function with basic supports are given priority. A summary of factors used for evaluation purposes include: Risk Factor, Degree of Independence, Housing Need, Income Level and Special Circumstances.

Applications are processed in a timely fashion and prioritized by a point scoring system. Approval rests with the CAO; any under age applications are approved by the Board of Directors.

A prospective resident must complete and submit the Admissions Forms Package to the Lodge Manager of the facility they are applying.

 If you have any questions regarding the information contained in the application, please feel free to contact the appropriate manager.


Seniors Lodge Information, Forms and Medical


Alpine Summit Lodge, Jasper, Parkland Lodge, Edson, Pine Valley Lodge, Hinton, Sunshine Place Lodge, Evansburg, Whispering Pines Lodge, Grande Cache


Designated Supportive Living Level 3 and 4



Senior's Apartments Form:


Family Social Housing Form:


Volunteer Application Form:


If you have any questions about these forms, please contact the CAO or the Administrative Assistant at the main office, located at 102 Government Road, Hinton; or call (780) 865-5444 Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

Lodge Managers:
Sunshine Place, Evansburg, Emily Allin (780) 727-4482
Parkland Lodge, Edson, Cindy Hardy (780) 723-3522
Pine Valley Lodge, Hinton, Dena Greanya (780) 865-7366
Whispering Pines Lodge, Grande Cache, Doris Mills (780) 827-5600
Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge, Jasper, Julie Des Becquets (780) 852-4881

Out of Province Applications


The Evergreens Foundation will process an out-of-province application for Lodge tenancy providing that a member of the immediate family resides within The Evergreens Foundation boundaries. "Immediate family" is generally defined as a son or daughter, spouse, or sibling. 

Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge requires additional criteria for accommodations imposed by Parks Canada.


Please ensure your forms are filled out completely:


The Evergreens Foundation requires that all application forms be fully completed and to the best of your knowledge. Please ensure that proper documentation is attached or this will cause a delay in the processing of the application. Lodge and Senior Apartment applications can be dropped off at the facility/apartment that you are applying for. All social housing applications can be forwarded to the Hinton or Edson offices.   Addresses are listed on the applications.

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